Document Storage Solutions

Federal Record Storage Company provides a secure, clean, accessible, and economical solution to your company’s hardcopy records, computer media, microfilm and form storage requirements. Service requests can be submitted via our Client Login.

Services include:

  • Reference and refiling at the document, file, or carton level
  • Interfiling
  • Fax, photocopy and imaging
  • 24/7 access
  • Pick up and delivery on a scheduled, rush, or disaster response level
  • Certified destruction service for your obsolete records
  • Specially-constructed, fireproof and environmentally-controlled facilities
  • Scan on Demand – request file contents to be scanned for online viewing

We also provide personal reference offices in which you can examine your records in a clean and quiet atmosphere.


Technology & Accountability
A computerized bar code tracking and inventory system—developed internally by the Federal Record Storage Company—ensures fast, efficient and accurate retrieval and refiling. We can also provide you with computer-generated status, activity, and historical reports. In addition, we supply accurate monthly billing statements to help you generate charge-back reports by departmental level and track activity on specific files.


Virtual Cloud Solutions

Virtual Cloud Solutions (VCS) provides customers with an array of services that let them stay focused on their core business while never having to worry about their data. Whether they need their data on-demand, 24/7, or after a natural disaster, our customers know their data is safe and will be available when they need it. VCS services include: microfiche and microfilm imaging, document imaging services, disaster recovery services, remote online backup and file archiving.




Service Requests

You can submit service requests in a variety of ways, whichever is most convenient for you.

  • Through our Client Login that’s available 24/7.
  • We are also available via email, fax or telephone at each of our locations.