Federal Record Storage Testimonials

When we started with Federal Record Storage, we had one office. Today, many years later, we have seven offices and so Federal Record Storage has been with us that whole time. As a law firm you know we have lots of sensitive information and it makes me feel very comfortable in that I don’t have to worry about that. We pride ourselves on good quality client service to our clients. And it is nice to work alongside with Federal Record Storage who does the same thing. I get really good quality service and it is at an affordable price.
Jeffery L. Feltz, Director of Finance and Facilities
Sandberg Phoenix & Von Gontard P.C.

We switched to Federal Record Storage from our previous vendor because of the pricing. Federal Record Storage was about 20% less. Our firm has piece of mind that when Federal Record Storage comes and picks up our files that they are put directly on the truck and back to their facility as soon as possible. Federal Record Storage is a full-service solution for our firm and it can be for you too.
Kara M. Brostron, Office Manager
Lashly & Baer, P.C.


Virtual Cloud Systems Testimonials

We obviously do not have space in our office to hold all of the files that we generate. We are able to go online, request the file and it is here the next day.
Traci Schallau, Network Administrator
Vonachen, Lawless, Trager & Slevin

We used to use a tape backup every night and that would always fail on us. We decide to go with a remote data backup and that has been great for us because it ensures that I have a nightly backup that I can count on. When I login in the morning, one of the first things I do is make sure that I have an email from the system telling me that I’ve had a complete backup and I always do.
Traci Schallau, Network Administrator
Vonachen, Lawless, Trager & Slevin

Because the system is cloud based, it is extremely efficient and cost effective. The records are stored off-site, they are organized, secure and easy to retrieve. No more lost charts.
Harli Smith, Medical Records
Midwest Orthopaedic Center

We recently had our sixtieth anniversary last year and needed to search a bunch of history for dates. We were able to do a word search through documents, several decades of documents, to get that information without having to page through page after page.
Kat Streenz, Administrative Assistant
Gibson Area Hospital & Health Services


The File Center Testimonials

I’ve got staff that are working at a very high functioning level. They are working with clients, they’re handling escalated claim issues, claims advocacy. We don’t really have the time to spend at a copier or a scanner. So The File Center quickly, they efficiently, they cleanly, accurately put everything together for us so that we didn’t have to spend the time doing that. They came out here, they picked up our boxes, took it back and had everything filed within a week. It was tremendously easy, it was efficient, they were complete, they were cost effective, we would have spent hours doing that. We are very pleased with the services they provided to us.
Ruthanne Trubich, SPHR, ACS, Director of Administrative Services
The Horton Group